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Our Story

4th Generation Family-Owned Business

Green Grove Farm was established in 1920, when my Great Grandparents, Alex Connell moved from Manitoulin Island to this little oasis in Bruce Mines, ON, Canada. Green grass up to his knees, spring water flowing into the barn, it was his dream location. Four generations have been raised on this farm, starting out with milking cows to beef cows to now raising our animals from pasture to plate (no middle man). We are very passionate about raising quality meat and selling directly to our customers, so they can know exactly where their food comes from. We love what we do and make sure each animal gets the best of care!


Here on Green Grove Farm we raise Angus Beef and Pastured Pigs all born and raised on our farm. They are on pasture during the late Spring, Summer and Fall and then reside on the home farm during the Winter months. As the ground is covered in snow we feed 85% forage such as hay/silage, and 15% grain, all grown on our farm, to help keep their energy levels up through the cold winter months. Our animals are hormone and antibiotic free. We strive to ensure that our animals have plenty of room to roam and that they are ethically raised.

Meet the Farmers

The farmers behind Green Grove Farm are Phillip & Lillian Connell along with their daughter Juanita Connell. It all comes from us! Our hands tend to our animals from the day they are born on our farm. Our hands prep the soil, sow the seeds to grow, and harvest the food our animals need. Our hands protect them and care for them every single day. No automation, just some good old fashion hard work, sprinkled with love, laughter and tears along the way.

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